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Table of Contents
Almost all dead links until I actually construct the sections and stuff....

Mission Statement (when I find a mission)

My Section (finally will talk about me here once I find something to talk about), will mirror this site I constructed for my university... Click HERE

The Karma Center Trading Page and this link works!!

The Music Section - my attempt to convert YOU over to the artists that I like

The Math Page - cuz it's just time I did this

I've started to work on the music section, you can go look at that link now and it describes what I'm going to be doing. I will hopefully have that section completed sometime this month and begin working on the other sections, which should be kindof short anyway. Then I work on getting this page classy looking like I paid thousands to get it done and then I'll have one completed website. I just started on the NavBar up at the top...everything links, but most of them are dead...go ahead and test it out for me if you'd like!