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This is more of a way for me to keep track as I get more Tori things, but you're all welcome to browse, although I'm sure nobody will be jealous of it ;)

For a list of Tori Amos bootlegs, please click here.

Now, I own the following items:

Little Earthquakes
US Winter CD5
US Crucify EP
US Crucify EP on cassette
Under the Pink
US God
US Cornflake Girl
Tower of Song - with Famous Blue Raincoat
Boys for Pele - original Talula
Boys for Pele - Tornado Talula
Boys for Pele - Double LP set, green clear
US Caught a Lite Sneeze
US Talula
UK Talula #2
US Hey Jupiter EP
US Professional Widow
UK Professional Widow
US Professional Widow 12"
US In the Springtime of His Voodoo
UK Blue Skies #2
Live From NY video
US Great Expectations Movie Soundtrack Promo
From the Choirgirl Hotel
UK Spark #1
UK Spark #2
UK Raspberry Swirl
US Cruel/Raspberry Swirl
US Jackie's Strength
US Jackie's Strength Remixes
The Complete Videos: 1991-1998
To Venus and Back
UK Glory of the 80s #1
UK Glory of the 80s #2
US Bliss Maxi
US 1000 Oceans
US Concertina
Songs of a Goddess: Tribute to Tori Amos