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Miscellaneous (1992-now)

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Bootleg Name Quality # Cd's Track List Notes
Y Kant Tori Read and Other Rarities A 1 80min The Big Picture, Cool On Your Island, Fayth, Fire on the Side, Pirates, Floating City, Heart Attack at 23, On the Boundary, You Go To My Head, Etienne Trilogy, Ode to the Banana King, Song for Eric, Happy Phantom - live, Ring My Bell, The Happy Worker, Workers
Little Earthquakes Demos and Outtakes A 1 Crucify (outtake), Winter (percussion mix), Happy Phantom (outtake), Take to the Sky (demo), Leather (demo), Sarah Sylvia Cynthis Stout, Little Drummer Boy, Crucify (solo piano demo), Thoughts (solo piano demo), Song For Eric (outtake), Mary (demo), Silent All These Years (solo piano demo), Leather (solo piano demo), The Pool (demo), China (solo piano demo)
Forgotten Earthquakes A 1 Upside Down, Thoughts, Sugar, Flying Dutchman, Humpty Dumpty, The Pool, Take to the Sky, Sweet Dreams, Crucify - remix, Angie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Thank You, Here. In My Head, Mary, Song for Eric, Ode to the Banana King, The Happy Worker, Leather, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stoutfirst like second or so of each song part of preceeding track
Afterburn A 1 Tear In Your Hand, Silent All These Years, Upside Down, Mary, Girl, WHole Lotta Love, Thank You, Leather, Precious Things, Sugar, Love Song, Little Drummer Boy, Crucify, Winter, Love Line
Over the Pink A 1 Honey, Black Swan, Home on the Range, Daisy Dead Petals, God (Dharma Kaya Mix), God (Rainforest Thinking Mix), God (The Thinking Mix), Sister Janet, All The Girls Hate Her, Over It, A Case of You, If 6 Was 9, Strange Fruit
Live B-Sides A 1 Marianne, Little Earthquakes, Crucify, Precious Things, Mother, Upside Down, Past the Mission, Icicle, Flying Dutchman, Winter, The Waitress, Here. In My Head, Happy Phanton
Tori Stories A/C+ 4 Disc 1: Baltimore, Walking With You, A Happy Day, Icicle - demo, Cloud On My Tongue - demo, Baker Baker - demo, Pretty Good Year/Honey - demo, Piano Improvisation, Evergreen, You Needed Me, You Light Up My Life, We've Only Just Begun, A Conversation With God-Atilla the Honey

Disc 2: Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Happy Phantom, Leather, Upside Down, Little Earthquakes, Whole Lotta Love, Thank You, Me and a Gun, Winter, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Mother, China, Song For Eric

Disc 3: Purple Rain, Honey, Landslide, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Danny Boy, Black Swan, Famous Blue Raincoat, I'm On Fire, Sister Janet, For Emily Whenever I May Find Her, Yes Anastasia, Take to the Sky, On Saturday Afternoons in 1963, Daisy Dead Petals, Boys in the Trees, She's Leaving Home

Disc 4: American Pie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Icicle, Crucify, Happy Phantom, God, Silent All These Years, Bells For Her, Winter, Cornflake Girl, China, Crucify, Leather, China
A Candle in the Wind A 1 China, Winter, Crucify, Silent All These Years, Cornflake Girl, Angie, Sugar, Crucify, Precious Things, A Candle In the Wind, Honey, Baker Baker, China
Blood Roses A 1 Doughnut Song, For Mark, Putting the Damage On, Losing My Religion, Leather, Little Amsterdam, Crucify, Blood Roses, Marianne, Here. In My Head, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Hey Jupiter, Take to the Sky, Fool On the Hill/Horses, This Old Man/Putting the Damage On, Muhammad My Friend, Caught A Lite Sneeze (solo)
Goddess A 1 Hey Jupiter, Thunder Road, Doughnut Song, Gary's Girl, Marianne, Muhammed My Friend, Blood Roses (piano), Never Seen Blue (first time), Sugar, Not the Red Baron (album), Caught A Lite Sneeze (album), Putting the Damage On, Hey Jupiter, Crucify, Cornflake Girl, Icicle
In The Breeze A 1 Little Amsterdam, Here. In My Head, Doughnut Song, Caught A Lite Sneeze (solo), Putting the Damage On, Doughnut Song, Leather, This Old Man, Little Amsterdam, Marianne, Crucify, Blood Roses, Winter, Pretty Good Year, Icicle
Under the Covers A/B 1 Ain't No Sunshine, Imagine, Lovesong, Whole Lotta Love/Thank You, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Famous Blue Raincoat (studio), Losing My Religion (studio), A Case of You, Bad Company, When Sonny Gets Blue, With a Little Help From My Friends, Jesus My Savior, Losing My Religion, Thunder Road, American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit, Thank You, Over the Rainbow
Making Mountains Out of Mudpies A 1 Spark, Spark, Cruel, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (cont), Bachelorette, Do It Again, Cooling, Precious Things, Cornflake Girl, Raspberry Swirl/Professional Widow, God, Crucify, Cruel, Tear In Your Hand
From the Choirgirl Hotel B-Sides A 1 Purple People, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Bachelorette, Do It Again, Cooling, Never Seen Blue, Beulah Land, Finn, Siren, Merman, Carnival, Blue Skies, Butterfly, Losing My Religion
Little Pink Pele Hotel A/B 4 Disc 1: Crucify, Girl, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Winter, Happy Phantom, China, Leather, Mother, Tear In Your Hand, Me and a Gun, Little Earthquakes

Disc 2: Pretty Good Year, God, Bells For Her, Past the Mission, Baker Baker, The Wrong Band, The Waitress, Cornflake Girl, Icicle, Cloud On My Tongue, Space Dog, Yes Anastasia

Disc 3: Beauty Queen, Horses, Blood Roses, Father Lucifer, Professional Widow, Mr. Zebra, Marianne, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Muhammad My Friend, Hey Jupiter, Little Amsterdam, Talula, Not the Red Baron, Agent Orange, Doughnut Song, In the Springtime of His Voodoo, Putting the Damage On, Twinkle

Disc 4: Spark, Cruel, Black Dove (January), Raspberry Swirl, Jackie's Strength, iieee, Liquid Diamonds, She's Your Cocaine, Northern Lad, Hotel, Playboy Mommy, Pandora's Aquarium
Reorbiting Venus A 1 Bliss (Father's Day Afterglow Mix), Juarez (Sahara Version), Concertina (Truth Inbetween Edit), Glory of the 80's (Synthetic Dub), Lust (Transcendent Sphere Mix), Suede (Black Magick Mix), Josephine (Anynight Mix), Riot Poof (Marcel's Celebatory Mix), Datura (Get Into This Garden Reprise), Spring Haze (Double Engine Dub), 1000 Oceans (Silbury Dub)
Our Favorite Martian A/C 2 Disc 1: Numbness, Can You Hear Me/Pretty Good Year, Hurt/Precious Things, We've Gone Andromeda/Space Dog, Freezing Cold In The Studio, Losing My Religion, Pain In My Hole, My Favorite Martian/Space Dog, Yes Anastasia, Calling You/Bells For Her, With Every Step/Sister Janet, Hurt/Lovesong, A Woman Soon/Hey Jupiter, Food Gasmo, Where Do Dead Boys Go/Smells Like Teen Spirit, Hurt/Bells For Her

Disc 2: Hurt/Caught A Lite Sneeze, Marching Home/Pretty Good Year, Away From Borneo/Cloud On My Tongue, Oh Susanna/Little Amsterdam, Even the Score/Little Amsterdam, Toodles/Black Swan, Juarez/Siren, My Brothers Three, Feel You Squirm/Sugar, This Waitress/Horses, Putting the Damage On, Running Up/Marianne, Things Fuck Up, He Wears Heels, Noel
All Mixed Up A 2 Disc 1: Cloud On My Tongue (Fisherman Remix), Over It (B's Over the Pool Mix), Hey Jupiter (B's Haunted Closet Mix), Song For Eric (For Tori), Sugar (KGK Jungle Mix), Hotel (B's Jagged Underground Mix), OBE (Out of Body Experience), Siren (B's Cranium Needle Mix), Spring Haze (B's Aquatic Armageddon Mix), Cornflake Girl (Scaramanga's Dub), Happy Phantom (Nunchaser's Edit), Bells For Her (Matt's Trip Rock Remix), Horses (Clouded Sky Mix), Winter (Ayahuasca Mix), Me and a Gun (5 am Guitar Edit)/Bliss Remix (bonus remix)

Disc 2: iieee (Lipgloss Arsonist Mix), Lust (Luxuria Mix), Black Dove (Remix), Girl (Everyone Else's Mix), Horses (Gavo's House Back Mix), Leather (Big Fat Remix), Crucify (Golgotha Mix), Hey Jupiter (Basstastic Mix), Doughnut Song (Devoted Satellite Mix), Concertina (Fiercest Mix), Caught A Lite Sneeze (Matt's Contagious Mix), Pirates (Dance Mix), Take to the Sky (Little Passion Mix), Precious Things (7th Grade Mix), Little Earthquakes (Aftershock Mix)