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Video CDs (1992-now)

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Name Quality # VCDs Contents of VCD Notes
The Other Side of the Galaxy A 1 1988: The Big Picture - studio music video

1992: ABC In Concert, New Artist Profile (3 files), Unaired MTV Special with John Norris (4 files)

1994: "Box Talk" from The Box, Good Morning America, Friday Night (Pretty Good Year live), Italian RoxyBar show (interview, Pretty Good Year live, interview, Imagine - duet with someone else), Tartata French TV show (Past the Mission Live, China live with backup singers), Swedish TV interview

1996: Best of 120 Minutes MTV Special, Boys For Pele Electronic Press Kit, Live from Bravo (interview, Doughnut Song live), MTV Unplugged (4 files: Cornflake Girl, Blood Roses, Silent All These Years, Icicle, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Over the Rainbow, Hey Jupiter, In the Springtime of His Voodoo), VH1 Crossroads (3 files: Losing My Religion, I'm On fire, Sugar, Over the Rainbow)

1998: "Box Talk" from the Box part 1, "Box Talk" part 2, MTV Revue (3 files), MTV Ultrasound: The Toriphiles (3 files)

1999: Sessions at West 54th (4 files), Vh1 Storytellers (5 files)
This is not for DVD Players
We've Gone Andromeda A 1 1992: ABC In Concert New Artist Profile (3 files), Arsenio Hall Show, Dennis Miller Show (2 files), French TV interview, Italian TV interview (4 files), KDOC Interview clip, MTV Europe, MTV Europe Most Wanted, Musique Plus Interview (3 files), Top of the Pops, MTV VMA Pre Show

1993: Jay Leno Show (2 files)

1994: Alternative Nation Interview with Kennedy (3 files), Tori presenting an award to Billy Joel, Conan O'Brien show, Late With Greg Kinnear, Leno Show, MTV News, Today Show 94

1995: Jay Leno Show

1996: 120 Minutes (5 files), CBS This Morning, Conan O'Brien show, Leno Show, Leno Show, Letterman Show, Letterman Show, Loveline (5 files), Primetime Live, Regis and Kathy Lee (3 files), Saturday Night Live (2 files), Today Show, MTV Week In Rock

1997: Letterman Show, Rosie O'Donnell Show, Lifetime's Death Wish

1998: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars, CNN Entertainment News, CNN World Beat, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno Show, Jay Leno Show, Letterman Show, Letterman Show, MTV News 1515, The Roseanne Show (4 files), 1998 MTV VMAs
This is not for DVD Players
New York 6/16/94 A-/B+ 2 Disc 1: China, Precious Things, Icicle, Crucify, Leather, God, Silent All These Years, Interruption (Fight in Audience?), Silent All These Years (resumed), The Waitress, Happy Phantom, Angie, Me and a Gun

Disc 2: Bells For Her, Cornflake Girl, A Case of You, Yes Anastasia, American Pie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Baker Baker
Chicago 6/6/96 A- 2 Disc 1: Son of a Preacher Man, Beauty Queen, Horses, Happy Phantom (with a full improv), Blood Roses, Little Amsterdam, Cornflake Girl, Doughnut Song, Story of "Pain In My Hole", Pretty Good Year, "Did You Happen to See the Most Beautiful Girl" as someone runs onstage, Upside Down, Winter

Disc 2: Precious Things, Not the Red Baron, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Talula, Me and a Gun, Over the Rainbow, Putting the Damage On, Space Dog, Toodles Mr. Jim, Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version - complete), Hey Jupiter, Post concert Meet and Greet footage
MTV's Loveline 1996 A 1 MTV's Loveline Featuring Tori (no musical performances) has the commercials, but still really nice quality
Saratoga Springs 8/29/99 A 2 Disc 1: God, Crucify, Cornflake Girl, Bliss, Juarez, Graveyard, Tear In Your Hand, Merman, A Case of You

Disc 2: Concertina, Professional Widow, Improv/Space Dog, The Waitress, Precious Things
Jones Beach, NY 9/1/99 A 1 Tear in Your Hand, The Complete Strange Little Webcast, All 2001 TV appearances This runs in computers, not DVD players
Las Vegas 9/24/99 A 2 Disc 1: Pre Show Footage, God, Sugar, Cornflake Girl, Riot Poof, Bliss, Blood Roses, Silent All These Years, Merman

Disc 2: Suede, Professional Widow, Hotel, The Waitress, Precious Things
London, UK 8/30/01 A-/B+ 2 Disc 1: Raining Blood, Take to the Sky, Lust, This Old Man, God, Icicle, Merman, Crucify, Beulah Land, Rattlesnakes

Disc 2: Me and a Gun, Time, Leather, Cooling, Winter