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This is just a dry list of bootlegs, they're not complete with dates and stuff yet. They will be once I get them and organize them into the sections on the bootleg pages.
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P J Harvey

nothing right now

Tori Amos

Clearwater 2001 TOMB
Anaheim 98
Hamburg Swirl
Houston 6-17-96 Late
New York 2001 - night 2 better quality
Ames, Iowa 1994 (this show is currently unreleased to the community)
Boston 1998 VHS
Chicago 1998 VHS
3/30/94 VHS
Toronto 94 VHS
Orlando 98 VHS
Hard Rock Live Audio
Forgotten Earthquakes replacement
LA Night 2001
LA Night 3 2001
Denver 2001

The following items come a bit later:
Albany 92 Audio CD
New York 6-16-94 Audio CD

KaTe Bush


Alanis Morissette

nothing now

Other Artist Bootlegs

Liz Phair 4-30-99
Ani Women in (E)Motion