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The Tour of Life (1979)

Bootleg Name Date Location Quality # Cd's Track ListNotes
On Stage / Live at Hammersmith Odeon ? London, England A 1 Them Heavy People, Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake, James and the Cold Gun, L'Amour Looks Something Like You, Moving, Them Heavy People, Violin, Strange PhenomenaThe video tracks from Hammersmith have small blips between tracks. The EP tracks have some scratchy noise that doesn't really take away any quality


Bootleg Name Quality # Cd's Track ListNotes
The Cathy Demos A-/B+ 1 The Kick Inside, Hammer Horror, It Hurts Me, Straded at the Moonbase, While Davy Dozed, Disbelieving Angel, Kashka From Baghdad, Surrenter Into The, Oh To Be In Love, Rinfy the Gypsy, On Fire Inside a Snowball, Ferry Me Over, Were Are the Lionhearts, Violin, Craft of Love, Gay Farewell, Something Like a Song, Frightened Eyes, Nevertheless You, Come Closer to Me, So Soft, Rare Flower, Organic Acid, Atlantis, Cussi Cussi, You Were the Star
Cathy's Home Demos A-/B+ 1 80min Babooshka (Piano Version), Kashka From Baghdad, Coming Up, Oh to Be in Love, Playing Canasta, Snow, Ferry Me Over, Lionhearts, Violin, The Craft of Love, Queen Eddie, In My Garden, Frightened Eyes, Never the Less, Goodnight Baby, So Soft, I Don't See Why I Shouldn't, Babooshka (Version 2), The Kick Inside, Hammer Horror, A Rose Growing Old, Keep Me Waiting, Davy, Disbelieving Angel, Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake, Kite, L'amour Looks Something Like You, Strange Phenomena, Really Gets Me Going
Bee Sides A 1 The Empty Bull Ring, Ran Tan Waltz, Passing Through Air, December Will Be Magic Again, Warm and Soothing, Lord of the Reedy River, Ne T'enfuis Pas, Un Basier d'Enfant, Under the Ivy, THe Burning Bridge, My Lagan Love, The Handsome Cabin Boy, Not this Time, Walk Straight Down the Middle, Be Kind to My Mistakes, I'm Still Waiting, Ken, One Last Look Around the House Before We Go, Hounds of Love (alternate version), Cloudbusting (Organon Mix), Expeeriment IV (12" mix)
This Woman's Work - Live A/B+ 1 (all live) Moments of Pleasure, Running Up that Hill, Let it Be, Don't Give Up, Under the Ivy, The Wedding List, Breathing, Moving, Violin, Wow, James and the Cold Gun, Oh England My Lionheart, The Long and Winding Road, She's Leaving Home, Wuthering Heights, THe Man With the Child In His Eyes, Them Heavy People
Rarities - Volume 1 A 1 Dreamtime, The Confrontation, Rocket Man, Candle in the Wind, Rubberband Girl (Extended Mix), Home For Christmas, Show A Little Devotion, You Want Alchemy, Cloudbusting (Video Mix), Shoedance (The Red Shoes Dance Remix), Rubberband Girl (US Mix), Eat the Music (12" Mix), Brazil, The Man I Love, Mna na h'Eireann, Do Bears?I need to cut one track from this CD so that my burner can burn it. If you want, I can move one track onto Rarities Vol. 2 and it's all good
Rarities - Volume 2 A 1 Fruitopia Commercials, Conversations with Kate, Under the Ivy (Milla Drumke cover), The Sensual World (Susan Voelz cover)


I can't trade these as I have only one VCR in my house.
Bootleg Name Date Quality Track List
Lovehounds Video Collection A Various A December Will Be Magic Again - live, "Kate" Christmas Special (Intro, Violin, Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1, Symphony in Blue, Them Heavy People, Here Comes the Flood [Peter Gabriel], Ran Tan Waltz, December Will Be Magic Again, The Wedding List, Another Day, Egypt, The Man With the Child In Nis Eyes, Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake - all live), Babooshka - live, Interview, Delius - studio video, Don't Push Your Foot On the Heartbrake - live, Hounds of Love - live (cut), Interview on Vegetanianism, award show Kate wins, Wow - live (cut), interview on Delius, interview, interview - Sat In Your Lap video, interview - fitness, interview, interview - The Dreaming single, Under the Ivy - live
Lovehounds Video Collection B Various A Rocket Man - studio music video, Running Up That Hill - live, The Man With the Child In His Eyes - live, Them Heavy People - live, Moments of Pleasure - live, Do Bears... - live, Experiment IV - live, Let It Be - studio music video, good review of The Sensual World, Rapido, This Woman's Work - live, Running Up That Hill - US Studio music video/live lip-synch, interview on Cloudbusting, Hounds of Love - live, Annie Lennox on Kate, Night Flight Interview, unedited, The De Efteling videos (Moving, Wuthering Heights, Them Heavy People, The Man With the Child In His Eyes, Strange Phenomena, The Kick Inside [this one here is FABULOUS]), The Infant Kiss (fan made studio video using clips from the film "The Innocents")
Kateopia various A/B Wuthering Heights - live, Moving - live, The Long and Winding Road - live, She's Leaving Home - live, Let It Be - live, Them Heavy People (weird), Wuthering Heights - parody, Wow - parody, some other parody, Them Heavy People - parody, Oh England My Leotard - parody, interview, Cloudbusting - live, Don't Give Up - live, appearance clip, Rocket Man - live (I think), show with intro credits using Hello Earth, London Film Festival (I think this is borderline stalking if you ask me), Rubberband Girl - video, And So Is Love - live, The Man I Love - studio music video, Babooshka - live, Army Dreamers - live, Japanese commercial using Them Heavy People