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Artist Bootleg Name Date Location Quality # Cd's Track ListNotes
Anggun Anggun Music Videos (VCD) various various A 1 Snow On the Sahara (Music Video), Still Reminds Me (Music Video), Anggun Sessions at West 54th (Selamanya, A Rose in the Wind, Memory of Your Shores, Snow on the Sahara, Interview, Life on Mars)Wonderfully well crafted VCD
Björk August 7, 1995 Toronto, Canada A 1 Army of Me, The Modern Things, Human Behaviour, Isobel, Venus as a Boy, Possibly Maybe, I Go Humble, Hyper-Ballad, Enjoy, I Miss You, Crying, It's Oh So Quiet, Big Time Sensuality, Aeroplane, It's Oh So Quiet
Björk Dancer in the Dark: Extra Songs n/a n/a A 1 Overture, My Favorite Things, Cvalda, I've Seen it All, Smith & Wesson, In the Musicals Pt 1, In the Musicals Pt. 2, My Favorite Things, 107 Steps, Next to the Last Song, New World, I've Seen It All (Live: 2001 Academy Awards)
Björk September 23, 2001 London, UK A 2 Disc 1: Frosti, Overture, All Is Full of Love, Unravel, It's Not Up to You, An Echo, A Stain, Generous Palmstroke, I've Seen It All, Cocoon, Unison

Disc 2: Hidden Place, Pagan Poetry, Possibly Maybe, You've Been Flirting Again, Isobel, Hyperballad, Bachelorette, Army of Me, Human Behaviour, Stage Intro, In Our Hands
Björk October 4, 2001 New York, NY B+ 2 Disc 1: Frosti, Overture, All Is Full of Love, Unravel, Harm of Will, Generous Palmstroke, It's Not Up To You, I've Seen It All, Hidden Place, Cocoon, Unison

Disc 2: You've Been Flirting Again, Isobel, Venus as a Boy, Pagan Poetry, Possibly Maybe, Hyperballad, Army of Me, Bachelorette, Anchor Song, In Our Hands
Björk October 5, 2001 New York, NY A- 2 Disc 1: Frosti, Overture, All Is Full of Love, Unravel, Harm of Will, Generous Palmstorke, It's NOt Up to You, I've Seen It All, Cocoon, Unison

Disc 2: You've Been Flirting Again, Isobel, Venus as a Boy, Pagan Poetry, Possibly Maybe, Hyperballad, Army of Me, Bachelorette, Joga, Human Behaviour, In Our Hands
Björk October 12, 2001 Boston, MA A- 2 Disc 1: Frosti, Overture, All Is Full of Love, Generous Palmstroke, Unravel, Hidden Place, Undo, Pagan Poetry, Play Dead

Disc 2: You've Been Flirting Again, Isobel, I've Seen It All, Anchor Song, Army of Me, Hyperballad, Bachelorette, Joga, Human Behaviour, In Our Hands
Jeff Buckley B-Sides and Rarities n/a n/a A 2 Disc 1: Mojo Pin (live), So Real (Acoustic live), Last Goodbye (Acoustic live), Love You Should've Come Over (Acoustic Live), Eternal Life (Road Version), Dream Brother (Live)**, Grace (Live), Jolly Street, Dream Brother (Nag Champa Mix)**, So Real (Modern Rock Super Sampler)

Disc 2: I Want Someone Badly, So Real (live), Lost Highway, Last Goodbye (Live), Farewell Angeline, Gunshot Gutter, Thousand Fold, So Real (live), Grace (live), Dream Brother (live), Kangaroo
** - has some static in these tracks
Nick Cave Beautiful Black Hair September 29, 1998 Austria A-/B+ 1 Intro, Love Song, Dead Joe, Into My Arms, The Mercy Seat, People Ain't No Good, Brompton Oratory, West Country Girl, Dread the Passage of Jesus, Black Hair (messes up), Little Empty BoatSongs are -very- acoustic
Nick Cave April 19, 2001 Oslo, Norway A- 2 Disc 1: As I Sat Sadly By Her Side, Oh My Lord, Lime Tree Arbour, Hallelujah, Red Right Hand, Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

Disc 2: Do You Love Me, God is in the House, The Weeping Song, Papa Won't Leave You Henry, The Mercy Seat, Love Letter, Henry Lee, The Curse of the Millhaven
Bobble in Oh My Lord
The Cure ? 1984 Washington, DC A 2 Disc 1: Shake Dog Shake, Piggy in the Mirror, The Wailing Wall, M, Primary, Cold, The Hanging Garden, Charlotte Sometimes, Secrets, The Walk, Let's Go to Bed

Disc 2: One Hundred Years, Give Me It, A Forest, Happy the Man, The Caterpillar, Three Imaginary Boys, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab, Forever
Ani DiFranco November 2, 1992 Amherst, MA A 1 Pick Yer Nose, Names and Dates and Times, Anyday, Egos are Like Hairdos, The Slant, Blood In the Boardroom, Anticipate, Both Hands, Fourth of July, Out of Habit, Lost Woman Song, In or Out, Roll With It, Willing to Fight, The Whole Night, Born a Lion, She Says, Every State Line, Coming Up, What if Noone's Watching, Got Trouble, Talk to Me Now
Ani DiFranco Hell Yeah! January 19, 1995 Calgary, Canada A 1 Face Up and Sing, Hell Yeah, Letter to a John, Light of Some Kind, Out of Range, Tiptoe/Cradle and All, Not a Pretty Girl, Shy, The Diner, 32 Flavors, My IQ, Anticipate, Little Plastic Castle
Ani DiFranco July 7, 1997 Bremen, Germany A 1 Firedoor, Gravel, Willing to Fight, Two Little Girls, Letter to John, 32 Flavors, Buildings and Bridges, Napoleon, Worthy, Glasshouse, Face Up and Sing, Dilate, If He Tries Anything, Anticipate, Shy
Ani DiFranco High Above Down Under March 8, 1998 Victoria, Australia A 2 Disc 1: Intro/Swan Dive, Hat Shaped Hat, Both Hands, Letter to John, The Slant, Two Little Girls, Sorry I Am, Up Up Up..., Pulse, Independence Day, Cradle and All

Disc 2: Interview, 32 Flavors, Swan Dive, Interview, Not a Pretty Girl, Little Plastic Castle, Joyful Girl (remix), My IQ, Napoleon
Ani DiFranco March 2, 1999 Stockholm, Sweden A 1 Little Plastic Castle, Virtue/Know Now Then, Untouchable Face, Wish I May, Two Little Girls, Firedoor, Interview, You Had Time, Not a Pretty Girl, Angry Anymore, Jukebox, Gravel
Ani DiFranco March 23, 2001 Madison, WI A 2 Disc 1: The Diner, Fuel, Fire Door, Coming Up, Letter to a John, What How When Where (Why Who), Marrow, Both Hands, You Had Time, Here For Now, Oh My My, Willing to Fight

Disc 2: Angry Anymore, Reckoning, Not So Soft, Gravel, Band Intro, Jukebox, Tamburitza Lingua
Natalie Merchant/Anggun Sister Natalie Live December 7, 1998 A 2 Disc 1: Intro, Ophelia, River, Break Your Heart, Wonder, What's the Matter Here, Last Goodbye, Carnival, Beloved Wife, Life Is Sweet, Kind and Generous

Disc 2: These Are The Days, The Lowlands of Holland, In the Ghetto, The Gulf of Araby, When They Ring the Golden Bell, Life Is Sweet, Way Over Yonder, (Anggun Bonus Tracks) Secret of the Sea, Snow On the Sahara, Life On Mars
Nine Inch Nails Purest Feeling n/a n/a A 1 Intro, Sanctified, Maybe Just Once, The Only Time, Kinda I Want To, That's What I Get, Purest Feeling, Twist, Down In It
Nine Inch Nails Coming Down Fast ?? Atlanta, GA B+ 1 Terrible Lies, Sin, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, Closer, Wish, Such, The Only Time, Get Down Make Love, Down In It, Big Man With a Gun, Head Like a Hole, Help Me I'm In Hell, Happiness In Slavery
Nine Inch Nails Woodstock '94 ?? Woodstock, NY A 1 Terrible Lie, Sin, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, Closer, Reptile, Wish, Suck, Burn, The Only Time, Down In It, Dead Souls, A Warm Place, Happiness In Slavery, Head Like a Holeblips between tracks
Nirvana Outcestide I: In Memory of Kurt Cobain (Remastered) n/a n/a A/B+ 1 If You Must, Downer, Floyd the Barber, Paper Cuts, Spank Thru, Beeswax, Polly, Misery Loves Company, Sappy, Do You Love Me, Been a Son, Token Eastern Song, Opinion, D-7, Breed, Pay to Play, Sappy, Here She Comes Now, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Return of the Rat, Talk to Me, Kurt's Eulogy, Courtney's Eulogy
Liz Phair Girlysounds n/a n/a A 2 Disc 1: Black Market White Baby Dealer, Johnny Sunshine, Elvis Be True, Fuck or Die, Flower, Beg Me, Whip-Smart, Go Speed Racer, Why I Left California, South Dakota, Stratford-On-Guy, Shane, Willie the Six Dick Pimp, Divorce Song, Go West, If I Ever Pay You Back, In Love With Yourself

Disc 2: Hello Sailor, Wild Thing, Fuck and Run, Can't Get Out of What I'm Into, Fire Up the Batmobile, Sometimes a Dream, It's Not that Easy, Chopsticks, Do You Love Me, Soap Star Joe, I Know It's Not Easy, Red Ruby Lips (not Liz), Miss Lucy, Dead Shark, One Less Thing, Money, Combo Platter
Liz Phair October 6, 1998 Boston, MA A 1 Explain it to Me, 6'1", Cinco de Mayo, Love is Nothing, Support System, Never Said, Johnny Feelgood, Dance of the Seven Veils, Uncle Alvarez, Polyester Bride, Supernova, Flower, What Makes You Happy, Mezmerizing, Divorce Song, whitechocolatespaceegg, Perfect World, Stratford-On-Guy, Fuck and Run
Liz Phair Sessions at West 54th November 5, 1998 New York, NY A 1 Intro, Mezmerizing, Johnny Feelgood, Never Said, Support System, whitechocolatespaceegg, Uncle Alvarez, 6'1", Dance of the Seven Veils, Polyester Bride, Supernova, Divorce Song, Perfect Life, Fuck and Run, What Makes You Happy
Liz Phair Lounge Ax Benefit March 14, 1999 Chicago, IL A- 1 Glory, Girl's Room, 6'1", Divorce Song, Wild Thing, Johnny Feelgood, Dance of the Seven Veils, Flower, Mesmerizing, Perfect World, Polyester Bride, Go On Ahead, Conversation Overheard, Fuck and Run, Explain it to Me, Supernovavery intimate, very stripped
Radiohead Painkiller June 15, 1995 Hollywood, CA A 1 The Bends, Just, Anyone Can Play Guitar, High And Dry, Planet Telex, Fake Plastic Trees, My Iron Lung, Creep, Stop Whispering, Street Spirit, Lucky, Bulletproof...I Wish I Was, You, Suterranean Homesick Alien, Fake Plastic Trees, Nobody Does It Better, Creep
Radiohead April 2, 1998 San Francisco, CA A 2 Disc 1: Meeting in the Aisle, Airbag, Talk Show Host, Planet Telex, Karma Police, Exit Music, Just, Banana Co., Lucky, Paranoid Android, The Bends, Nice Dream, The Trickster, Climbing Up the Walls

Disc 2: No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, Bones, My Iron Lung, Nude, Let Down, Street Spirit, Lurgee
Radiohead June 21, 2000 Florence, Italy A- 2 Disc 1: Optimistic, Bones, Karma Police, Planet Telex, Morning Bell, How to Disappear, Street Spirit (fade out), Talk Show Host, The National Anthem, My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Lucky, Fake Plastic Trees, You and Whose Army

Disc 2: Knives Out, Airbag, Just, Everything in it's Right Place, My Iron Lung, Egyptian Song, Lurgee, Paranoid Android, Exit Music
Radiohead August 7, 2001 New York, NY B+/A- 2 Disc 1: The National Anthem, Morning Bell, My Iron Lung, Karma Police, Knives Out, Permanent Daylight, Climbing Up The Walls, No Surprises, Dollars and Cents, Packed Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box, Fake Plastic Trees, I Might Be Wrong, Follow Me Around/Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, Idioteque

Disc 2: Everything In It's Right Place, Lucky, Optimistic, You and Whose Army?, How To Disappear Completely, Talk Show Host, Street Spirit (fade out), Exit Music