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Miscellaneous (1991-now)

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Bootleg Name Quality # Cd's Track List Notes
Jungle Queen A 1 Oh My Lover - demo, O Stella - demo, Dress - demo, Victory - demo, Happy and Bleeding - demo, Sheela Na Gig - demo, Hair - demo/Joe - demo, Plants and Rags - demo, Fountain - demo, Water - demo, Highway 61 Revisisted, Me-Jane, Ecstacy, Primed and Ticking, Claudine the Inflatiable One, Wang Dang Doodle, Naked Cousin
Build Me a Woman A 1 80min Ecstasy, O Stella, Dress, Highway 61 Revisited, Sheela Na Gig, Man-Size, Highway 61 Revisisted, Hair, Victory, Sheela Na Gig, Water, O My Lover, O Stella, Dress, Dry, Hair, Joe, Victory, Man-Size, Me-Jane, Rub 'Til It Bleeds, Water
B Sides - Volume 1 A 1 Lying In The Sun, Somebody's Down Somebody's Name, Maniac, One Time Too Many, Daddy, Darling Be There, Harder, Long Time Coming, Reeling (not the demo), Man-Size (demo), Wang Dang Doodle, Naked Cousin, Ballad of a Soldiers Wife, Shot of Love, Nickel Under Foot, This Is Mine, Zaz Turned Blue, Henry Lee, Death Is Not the End, Featherhead
B Sides - Volume 2 A 1 Civil War Correspondent (Global Communications Mix), Losing Ground, Who Will Love Me Now, Broken Homes, The Faster I Breathe the Further I Go, Nina In Ecstasy, Rebecca, Instrumental #2, THe Bay, The Northwood, Sweeter Than Anything, Love Too Soon, Green Eyes, This Wicked Tongue, 30, 66 Promises, Memphis, As Close As This, My Own Private Revolution, Kick IttTo the Ground
European Live TV Appearances 1995-2001 A 1 C'mon Billy, Henry Lee, Send His Love to Me, Naked Cousin, Down By the Water, That Was My Veil, Taut, Broken Homes, A Perfect Day Elise, Hook, Meet Ze Monsta, The Sky Lit Up, The Wind, A Perfect Day Elise, The Garden, PJ on Bob Dylan, Shot of Love, Good Fortune, Losing Ground, This is Love, Mercury Music Prize Acceptance Speech (September 11, 2001)