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VHS Video (1991-now)

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Location Date Quality Track List Notes
MTV2 Broadcast Various A C'mon Billy (studio video), Sheela Na Gig (studio video), Broken Homes (studio video), Dress (studio video), Wang Dang Doodle (live), Send His Love To Me (studio video), Man-Size (studio video), Down By The Water (studio video), A Perfect Day Elise (studio video), Is That All There Is? (studio video), Good Fortune (studio video), C'mon Billy (live), 50 Ft. Queenie (studio video), Reeling With PJ Harvey (complete tour video), Good Fortune (studio video), Broken Homes (studio video)
Video Compilation Various A A Place Called Home (studio video), Dress (live video), Dress (studio video). Rid of Me Era interview, Dance Hall At Louse Point era interview, That Was My Veil (studio video), The Wind (studio video), The Wedge Interview, Much Music Interview, London 93 Concert (Primed and Ticking, Missed, Sheela Na Gig, M-Bike, Me-Jane, Snake, 50Ft Queenie, Man-Size), Send His Love to Me (live), Down By the Water (live), The Dancer (live). Ballad of a Soldiers Wife (studio video), C'mon Billy (live), Satisfaction (live with Bjork), Pinkpop 92 (O Stella, Dress, Hair), This Is Love (studio video)
Reading Festival 1992 ?, 1992 A Dress, Sheela Na Gig
later With Jools Holland 1993 ?, 1993 A Naked Cousin, Wang Dang Doodle
London, UK May 23, 1993 A Primed and Ticking, Missed, Sheela Na Gig, M-Bike, Me-Jane, Snake, 50 Ft. Queenie, Man-Size
Chicago, IL July 1, 1993 A Rid of Me, Naked Cousin, Primed and Ticking, Highway 61 Revisited, Yuri-G, O Stella, Dress, Victory, Sheela Na Gig, 50 Ft. Queenie, Snake, Man-Size, M-Bike, Me-Jane Notes
London, UK (1994 Brit Awards) ?, 1994 A Satisfaction (feat. Bjork)
1995 TV Appearances Various A Later with Jools Holland (Send His Love to Me, Down By the Water), Leno (C'mon Billy, Rid of Me), Conan O'Brien (Send His Love to Me), 120 Minutes (Meet Ze Monsta, C'mon Billy, Hardly Wait),
Roskilde Festival June 14,1995 B To Bring You My Love, Meet Ze Monsta, Working For the Man, Naked Cousin, Teclo, Down By the Water, C'mon Billy, Hook, Long Snake Moan, Me-Jane, Driving, 50Ft. Queenie, Legs, Dress
Glastonbury, UK June 24, 1995 A Naked Cousin, Down By the Water
Philadelphia, PA ?, 1995 A-/B+ Meet Ze Monsta, Dress, Long Snake Moan, Down By the Water, Send His Love to Me, Driving, Me-Jane, 50Ft. Queenie, Water she's opening for Veruca Salt here - have no idea when it is
London, UK ?, 1996 A That Was My Veil, Taut
Cologne, Germany (Bizarre Festival) August 21, 1998 A I Think I'm a Mother, Joy, Joe, Civil War Correspondent, Taut, Electric Light, A Perfect Day Elise, Missed, Dress, Snake
Paris, France (Black Sessions) September 14, 1998 A Joy, Joe, Civil War Correspondent, Taut, Electric Light, A Perfect Day Elise, Hook, Meet Ze Monsta, The Sky Lit Up, Missed, 50 Ft. Queenie, Heela, Down By the Water
New York, NY (Sessions at West 54th) January 29, 1999 A Catherine, Civil War Correspondent, Taut, My Beautiful Leah, I Think I'm a Mother, Is This Desire
Philadelphia, PA December 7, 2000 A-/A 66 Promises, This Wicked Tongue, Send His Love to Me, The Whore's Hustle and the Hustler's Whore, Good Fortune, Dry, 30, C'mon Billy, One Line, Beautiful Feeling, Man-Size, A Place Called Home, This Is Love, Big Exit, Somebody's Down Somebody's Name, Kamikaze
Amsterdam, The Netherlands February 28, 2001 A Man-Size, The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore, You Said Something, This Is Love, Somebody's Down Somebody's Name, Sheela Na Gig, Good Fortune, Nickel Under Foot, Rid of Me, Big Exit
Reading, UK August 24, 2001 A Good Fortune, Losing Ground